Passionate People Developing Lasting Relationships

The RJA team consist of passionate and professional people based throughout Australia and Asia. These creative individuals love what they do and more importantly – the clients they work for.

With relationships and trust at the core of everything they do, RJA’s team are focused on long term results with their co-workers, clients, contractors and suppliers.

Junior Development Program

Knowing the importance of investing in our staff, RJA established the Junior Development Program.

Junior staff undergo an extensive training program that see’s them work through various departments in the business, ultimately providing a taste of the different business functions. Through years of development and mentoring, the juniors are given the opportunity to excel in key roles within the business

Culture is Everything

RJA promote a culture of ‘Continual Improvement’ in everything that we do. From staff and process improvement, through to exceeding client expectations – RJA are always looking for ways to raise the standards and provide opportunities for growth within.

We foster a healthy work-life balance and understand the importance of a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle. With this in mind, our head office has been customised to include a gymnasium, bar, breakout area’s, an abundance of natural light, fresh greenery and an open-air courtyard.

The majority of our team being mobile, the office environment provides a hub for our team whilst we maintain an open and dynamic policy for flexible work arrangements.

Join Our Team

RJA are always looking for amazing people to join our team. From juniors and apprentices through to experienced senior positions. We currently employ designers, architects, foreman, project managers, site tradesmen, production staff and joiners, project coordinators, admin and finance staff.

If you would like to join our team, please reach out to us at any time through the contact links below.